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You remain the holder of your plate and keep it, you send us

  complete information as indicated on the plate, respecting the

different lines, 3, 4, or 5 maximun.


Résultats de traduction You send us this information ayour choice:

By e-mail to

Or messenger on our facebook site


U.S soldiers who transited in France between 1944 - 1946


Once the search is complete, we will email you the

Documents and it is you, if you wish, who will intervene with

families in the United States, or if you wish we will take care of it.

The choice is yours. Thank you, christian.aixois


Millions of U.S soldiers came to the aid of France to fight

 and drive out the enemy. From north to south, from Normandy to Provence, on the

field and in the Staging area base, many people have lost their

 military identity plates (Dog tag). Many French people during a walk

in the various theaters of operations on the territory have found these famous

plates and wish to return them to their families. Unfortunately it's a job

tedious research of all kinds and over time they give up. This flat

 form aims to find these families and put you in touch with them,

if you wish to return a dog tag found. For this, we

have many research tools, subscriptions and databases,

translation, etc ... which allow us to move forward to find these families in

 United States .. This process is free, anonymous and without obligation on your part.